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This is Dan and Phil. So we we’re thinking it’d be awesome to finally get a new tshirt and maybe a poster with me and Dan on it that you guys could have! Especially in time for Christmas. So we thought we would enlist YOUR HELP!

We see so many amazingly creative and talented art from you guys here on Tumblr so we thought you could help us with the designs as you know best!

Here’s what we are looking for.

1. A DAN AND PHIL T-SHIRT! This can be anything to do with both of us! A picture of us with ‘Dan and Phil!’ Anything you guys want to make. Try and make them 4-5 colours max as it is a lot more expensive to make multicoulored tshirts! (poorness is a factor) Simple is good but if your entry needs lots of colours then feel free to go crazy!

2. Some kind of DAN AND PHIL POSTER! Let your imagination run wild. (use as many colours as you want!)

3. If you are particularly inspired to make either a specifically Phil or specifically Dan t-shirt then feel free to send those in too as they could be made also!

SPECIFICATIONS: T-shirt / poster needs to be at least 300 DPI and a layered photoshop psd would be great :) An .eps would be even better. If this means NOTHING to you then you can just send us your picture and these could be sent on to someone who is more pro at photoshop!

PRIZES: There will be a whole host of prizes for winning designs and runners up including t-shirts, totoros, wristbands and secret thank you videos!

Send your entries to: LESSAMAZINGPHIL@GMAIL.COM with the title ‘T-SHIRT CONTEST’

DEADLINE: 19th NOVEMBER! (plenty of time)

So THANK YOU and we look forward to seeing them! :)